Half of Life is Just Showing Up; but the Other Half of Your Life Depends on Whether You Did

A homage to the power of encouraging words from a teacher on the last days of school. #TheHillSchool

The Praying Principal

Counter-Cultural Author and Journalist Hunter Thompson has been credited with the quote “half of life is just showing up.”  Actor/director Woody Allen opined that “Showing up is eighty percent of life.”  It is safe to say that neither of these folks had a biblical worldview, nevertheless, as it applies to the last weeks of school, there are definitely nuggets of truth in their statements.

We just finished the last regular week of school.  It was equally trying and fulfilling.  Trying because often some students try to “game the system” by determining the number of days in which they can be absent without penalty.  Fulfilling, because the students who do show up during the last days often have the chance to connect in meaningful ways with our teachers.  This is particularly true of our seniors who “show up.”   Some are on campus tying up some loose ends.  Some have exams…

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